The Preacher’s Bible

The preachers bible handy size

The Preacher’s Bible – Handy size. Currently the most exciting Bible on the internet! We personally use the ESV here at Theology Nights, but we can’t deny the beauty of the new NASB Preacher’s Bible from Steadfast Bibles

We also understand the importance of finding the one – the preaching bible that you can bring into the pulpit week in and week out. The preaching bible that just feels like the right one.

Description of the Preacher’s Bible

  • NASB 95 text
  • Line matched typesetting by 2k Denmark 🇩🇰
  • Binding By Royal Jongbloed 🇳🇱
  • 32GSM, Bolloré Paper 🇫🇷
  • Scripture Text has the same line-by-line and page-by-page word order as the Original Preacher’s Bible
  • 1-inch outer margin
  • Rounded Spine and Page Corners
  • Indexed Option Available
  • Natural grain Shamar Goatskin (TM) in black and deep brown
  • 16mm yapp
  • Genuine Cowhide, smooth grain lining
  • Cased-in binding
  • First print run is 1,000 units
  • 2 sided satin Ribbons by Bersifords 🇬🇧

Since the Original Preacher’s Bible released in March of 2018, hundreds of pastors have made it an integral part of their weekly pulpit ministry. Many of those same men also began to request a lighter companion to it. This Handy Size edition, weighs in at 3 pounds lighter than the original, making it the perfect portable edition for weddings, funerals, hospital visits, home fellowships, and the missions field. Our hope is that, like the original edition, the Preacher’s Bible – Handy Size becomes an integral part of their ministry and serves them well over many years of use — as it was intended in the design, materials, and craftsmanship.

The verse by verse format of this Bible is our favorite format. We currently use the Cambridge ESV topaz as our main teaching and preaching bible which also has a verse by verse format. The ESV Preaching Bible does not have a verse by verse format (cough cough Crossway) which would greatly improve the layout of that Bible. We used it before but decided to move on to something else. Honestly it’s hard to compete with the Cambridge Topaz but we certainly would love to see the Preacher’s Bible from Steadfast firsthand!!

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