Theology Nights – Future plans and weekly schedule

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had different conversations with people asking what exactly Theology Nights is.  We began with the idea of a Friday night live show, but had no intentions of staying with just that.  After the first episode, it became clear that we would produce more content than just the Friday night show.  As we continue to grow, I want to keep up with the demand, but I also don’t want to produce too much content and overwhelm everyone.

Since I began this journey, I wanted to start an online ministry that would produce solid theological content throughout the week, with book recommendations and articles, videos, interviews, etc.  I’ve always said I want Theology Nights to be part of the daily internet routine.  A site that is visited daily for content and discussion.

With that being said, here is what you can expect from Theology Nights during the week.  On Mondays, I will post a new video from one of the series I am doing.  Currently I am doing “basic theology” and “my favorite book of the Bible.”  I will rotate those videos.  Fridays we will continue to do the Friday night show, streaming live through Facebook and YouTube.  Finally, I will post a blog article once a week.  This is the stuff you can plan on happening consistently.  Throughout the week, I will interact with you through social media, posting book recommendations, sharing articles, or offering quick posts of Scripture.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact me at or go to to submit a question.  I’ve said it weekly, and I will continue to say it weekly, but thank you so much.  Without your support, Theology Nights isn’t what it is today.  I am thankful to be on this journey with you.  Let’s continue to grow, but more importantly, lets continue to make Christ known to everyone.



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