The high degree of agreement between the New Testament authors

The authors of the New Testament all agree that:

Jesus is Israel’s hoped-for Messiah

With the resurrection of Jesus the future has broken into the present

Jesus is God, in spite of their strong Jewish monotheism

The Spirit is God

Justification is by faith apart from works

God is sovereign, but also humans are responsible for their actions

Humans must be born again, made alive, regenerated

The New Covenant has been inaugurated*

And this is just the start of the list…

I say these things as a way to remind us that the authors of the New Testament agreed on numerous things that would have been considered bizarre ideas during their day.  They were friends, even though at times it may not appear that way (cough Peter and Paul, cough Paul and Barnabas).  They were in the same Christian circles.  They even reference each other in their works.  They knew each other.

But ultimately, they wrote for one purpose: the glory of God.



*Dr. James Hamilton, “God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgement”

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