Suggested podcasts

We don’t have the market cornered on theology, nor will we ever claim to.  We want to point people to solid resources throughout the internet,  not simply on our own site.  Below are some podcasts we recommend.   You can be confident these are all solid resources and proclaim sound theology on every episode.

Credo Magazine Podcast

Huge fan of this ministry and all the resources they provide for the church.

The Pastors Discussion Podcast

One of my favorite online ministries.  Pastor Jon was gracious enough to join the show and I love his podcast and ministry.   New episodes every Monday!


Connected with these guys via Twitter and love interacting with them online.  Scott, Moo, and the rest of the gang provide solid theology from their “mobile podcast studio” weekly.

Reformed Forum

Can’t describe how much I enjoy these podcasts.  Every episode increases my knowledge and love for Christ.  Multiple podcasts through the Reformed Forum ministry so there is plenty to keep up with during the week!

Dead Men – A Christ Centered Coalition

Shortly after we started Theology Nights, we discovered Dead Men on Facebook and fell in love with all of their content right away.  Brandon from Dead Men was gracious enough to reach out to us to offer advice, encouragement, and friendship.  They are a complete online ministry, with live weekly Bible studies, podcasts, articles, and MORE.

The B.A.R. Podcast

One of the best in the business.  The B. A. R. (Biblical and Reformed) podcast presents a biblical worldview from the Reformed theological perspective.  They examine current events and interview great guests!  Make sure you check out all the podcasts.

The Dividing Line – Dr. James White

OK… technically “not” a podcast.  BUT.  You can’t provide a list of online resources without including Dr. White.  Tune in to his live show “The Dividing Line” on YouTube through Alpha and Omega Ministries.


If you have suggestions that you would like to add, comment below.

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