Pastors..Hold up Jesus for your people.

View More: a friend on Twitter shared the promo video for the 2018 Shepherds’ Conference.  At the end of this video, there is a clip from John MacArthur.  I’ll post the link to the video at the bottom, and I encourage you to watch it.  I have watched this 4 minute video about 10 times now.  It gives me goosebumps to hear these men be so passionate about Christ.

The clip of MacArthur goes like this:

“What I am looking for, in my people, is real salvation..
And when I see it, it shows up in love for Christ that causes delight in obedience
I just hold up Christ all the time
The most lovely
The most beautiful
The most glorious
The most magnificent
The most perfect…THE Perfect
I cant give them anything better.
You haven’t seen Him
But you love Him
I want to be a deflecting preacher
Hold up Jesus for my people..So they can love Him like I love Him.”

I wish I had a button in my room and I could just play that quote every morning when I am getting ready.  It almost brings me to tears each time I listen to it.  I am so thankful for men like John MacArthur, who “get it” and understand that its not about us, its about Him.  So as I have been thinking about these words for the last few days, God has used this to further my understanding of what it means to be a Pastor.

I just want to hold up Jesus for the people He has allowed me to influence.  I don’t want to hold up myself.  I don’t want people to remember me.  I want the people around me to love and cherish Jesus more because I did nothing but hold Him up.  I want people to fall in love with His Word.  I want the community of people around me to be so saturated with Christ that an unbeliever has no reason to doubt that we are followers of Christ.

But with this comes great danger.  In our pursuit to hold up Christ, it’s easy for us to fall into the trap of holding ourselves up.  It’s easy to elevate myself and work on a bigger platform for me.  It’s easy to use worldly means to reach a lost culture around me, in order to increase my numbers and make myself look big.

Friends, this is not what being a Pastor is about.  Being a Pastor is pointing people around us to Christ.  Pointing people to how beautiful and glorious He is, and how sinful and wicked we all are.  It’s about Him.  In order for us to reach the culture around us, we have to stop holding up ourselves and hold Him up higher.


Hold up Jesus Christ to your people.  Hold Him up so high that everyone around you runs with all their might after Him.


(Link to Shepherds’ Conference promo video.


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