Ministry update

Well.  It has been an amazing few days.

It feels good to know I am doing what the Lord has called me to do.  Confirmation after confirmation has come up since last week.  I am so grateful that God is so involved in our lives.  I knew for the longest time I needed to be doing something online.  I know there isn’t a shortage of online ministries/podcasts/other stuff, and I don’t claim to be some amazing theologian or anything like that, but this was a desire of mine that would not go away.  Every time I thought it was going away,  I would get the urge again.  Or a friend would tell me that I need to be doing something online.  This was something that was on my mind for at least a year.  I would even try to tell myself that I shouldn’t do this, why would anyone listen to me, what do I have to offer, why waste my time, and on and on and on with the excuses.  But the desire would never go away.


Theology Nights Episode 1 has well over 500 views now.  The response I’ve received has been so humbling.  I knew for a long time I was supposed to be doing something like this, but couldn’t quite figure out what exactly it was.  Thank you to my wife and friends for all the motivation, support, and prayers.  I couldn’t have done this without it.  As long as the Lord lets me, I plan on doing this and growing it for His glory.

As this year began, it turned into a very weird season.  I stepped down from a pastoral role and my wife and I were trying to figure out where we needed to get plugged in at.  I started to doubt my calling, questioned if I made the right decisions, wondered if I was wrong, battled internally with various thoughts.  But the last few weeks have been so refreshing.  It feels good to be doing what I believe God wants me to be doing with my life.  He has given me gifts in technology and I know He wants me to use those gifts to bring Him glory.

Make sure you tune in each and every Friday at 730pm EST,

I look forward to interacting with you!

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