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One of my favorite online resources is Credo Magazine.  To be honest, I hope Theology Nights can achieve the level of excellent content they produce one day.  Credo Magazine offers a digital magazine, podcasts, videos, and more, all from leading scholars in the theological world!  They have comprised an excellent team that is led by Dr. Matthew Barrett.  He is the executive editor of Credo Magazine and Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, home to yours truly.  Please subscribe to their content.  They are an amazing resource to have for the church.

The most recent series in the magazine is on holiness.  Daniel Hyde wrote an excellent article on the importance of holiness from 1 Peter.

“In the first twelve verses of 1 Peter 1, the apostle writes in the indicative mood; that is, he speaks about us with statements of fact: we are God’s elect, we have been born again, we have a living hope, we have an eternal inheritance, we are being kept by God’s power, and we will be completely saved when Jesus returns. ”

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