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by Jeff Johnson. Reformed Baptists original source – Historically, Reformed Baptists are covenantal. Though they differ from their Presbyterian brothers on a few key issues, according to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, Baptists were equally committed to a robust covenantal framework of the history of redemption. In fact, everyContinue Reading

Article by Jonathan Leeman – original source – The Elevator Answer Is church membership actually in the Bible? How many times have you heard someone ask that? Maybe you’re asking it yourself. Is church membership actually in the Bible? If I have fifteen seconds to answer that question—maybe I’m onContinue Reading

What is Reformed Theology? Reformed Theology is often misrepresented in the “theological world” and is often spoken of in a negative way. More commonly this happens because someone had a bad experience with someone who is of the reformed theology camp or calls themselves a Calvinist. It is not fairContinue Reading

Let’s face it. You’ve probably started a handful of Bible reading plans. As each year closes, we evaluate areas of life and decide where we want to make some changes. One of those areas is our lack of Bible intake. What better way to solve that than a plan thatContinue Reading

On Episode 26 I announced some big changes to Theology Nights for the upcoming year.  In case you missed it: First – We will be moving to Tuesday nights for the live show.  Same time, same place, different night.  And NO I am not changing the name to Theology Tuesdays. Continue Reading

You are dead.  I’m dead.  Followers of Christ, who have a right understanding of what that means, are all dead.  Have we thought about this lately?  Colossians 3 helps us to understand further. To start, Paul offers no assumptions to the validity (big word) of the Christianity of his audienceContinue Reading

Happy Resources Friday!! This week we have some excellent resources from some of my favorite sites.  A podcast from Pastor’s Discussion Podcast, the recent report from Ligonier about the “state of theology” among Evangelicals, and Tim Challies.