Book Review by Zack Ford – Spiritual Gifts: What They Are & Why They Matter

Ahhhhh.  Spiritual Gifts.  One of the most debated topics in the theological world today.  No matter what camp you line up with, it is important to know about the Spiritual Gifts.  Perhaps you are not familiar with the different camps and would like to learn more.  I am thankful for Dr. Schreiner and his approach to this difficult topic.

A good friend of mine Zack Ford recently completed a book review of Dr. Thomas Schreiner’s new book, “Spiritual Gifts: What They Are & Why They Matter.”  I have this book on my ever growing to-read list so I was excited to see that Zack completed a very thorough an educational review of this book.

From Zack’s article:  “The book has many strengths. The first is its readability and accessibility. This is not a scholarly work written for pastors and seminary students that takes a dictionary, thesaurus, and Greek Lexicon to be able to read. This is a book written for all Christians in order to help them understand this important, but debated, topic. Coming in at under 175 pages, this is a book that is accessible and readable for anyone interested.”

For anyone interested in learning more about the Spiritual gifts, but afraid to take on larger works, it sure seems like this book is a great place to start.  Again, it is important to be familiar with both views of the Spiritual Gifts.  It is important to have a thorough understanding of both views.

Zack Ford:  “Overall, I greatly enjoyed Dr. Schreiner’s new book on spiritual gifts and would certainly recommend it. No matter where you are in your current understanding of Scripture and its teaching on the spiritual gifts, you will find this book to be accessible, readable, and helpful to you in better understanding this topic and the relevant Biblical passages.”

Head over to Zack’s blog to read the rest of this article, and thanks for checking out his site!!

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