2019 plans for the ministry

On Episode 26 I announced some big changes to Theology Nights for the upcoming year.  In case you missed it:

First – We will be moving to Tuesday nights for the live show.  Same time, same place, different night.  And NO I am not changing the name to Theology Tuesdays.  Maybe Tacos and Theology on Tuesdays.  But probably not.

Why – When I first started all of this, I wanted to make it easy for me to produce consistent, weekly shows.  Friday was the easiest night for me.  Now I think it’s time to move.  Friday isn’t the easiest for people (shocking right?) so moving to a weeknight allows us to reach a new crowd.

Second – Content.  Content.  Content.  That’s the goal for 2019.  Produce content.  In order to produce Content.  Content.  Content.  I’ve got to add more consistent content than just the weekly show.  SO.  I’ll be adding a weekly podcast/video.  These will rotate.  Some weeks it will be a podcast.  Some weeks it will be a video.  Some weeks it will be me just reading Scripture (more on that later).  BUT each week there will be something else.

Why – I started Theology Nights to be a location for consistent, daily content.  Not simply a weekly live show.  And adding another avenue of content allows me to reach the community more and reach people who might not join the live show.  Which kind of leads to my last point.

Last – Daily.  Linking daily to sermons, other websites, posting articles, Scripture references, book recommendations, etc.  There will be daily content from Theology Nights.

Why – Consistency.  Mainly.  But as I mentioned before.  I’ve always wanted Theology Nights to be more than a live show.  We are at that point.  The following is growing.  The support is growing.  The need is growing.

Join me as we make much of Christ with the platform He’s given us.


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